I am Thanos!

Been a long time between posts, so here is some info on my latest VO project:

Very excited to be voicing Thanos for GodzillaRex Productions, home of the “fight scene breakdown.”

My voice begins at 3:21 with “Foolish girl…”

You’ve seen how many fighting styles they know. Now watch the exciting continuation of Analytical Story Battle Season 2 as Supergirl from the Arrowverse goes up against Thanos from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. From the same guy who created Fight Scene Breakdown and How Many Fighting Styles!

This is Part 1. Part 2 will be posted in December.

Pulp’s “Super Friends” animated series

Proud to post the latest VO animation project I’m involved with for Pulp’s “Super Friends” series. I voice DOOMSDAY, one of DC’s most powerful villains. I also co-wrote this project with Pulp’s Trae King.

PREMISE: A recovering murderer, DOOMSDAY, trys to rehabilitate himself in the world! But how long will that last…? 

I also had the privilege of acting with these super talented folks:

Written by Ben Sbar and Pulp
Animated by Pulp
Doomsday – Ben Sbar
Zoom – Rambling Rob
Black Manta – Brian Holder
MMH – Rambling Rob
Aquaman – Christian Wetzel

Doomsday Returns!!! (Super Friends Skit #2)

A recovering murderer, DOOMSDAY, trys to rehabilitate himself in the world! But how long will that last…? ***WATCH IN HD***Written by Ben Sbar and PulpAnimated by PulpDoomsday – Ben SbarZoom – Rambling RobBlack Manta – Brian HolderMMH – Rambling RobAquaman – Christian Wetzel

Posted by Pulp on Sunday, July 22, 2018

2 Day NYC Voice Over Animation Workshop with Everett Oliver

Had an AMAZING time working with the talented (and hilarious) Everett Oliver at his 2 Day NYC VO Workshop this past weekend!  It was a privilege being in class with some amazingly talented VO actors, as we stretched our creative muscles to take our game to the next level! I learned so much and I am pumped to continue moving forward in my VO journey!

#votraining #voiceover #voiceoveranimation

…I’m Batman…Arkham Batman!!!

Very excited to be voicing “Arkham” Batman for GodzillaRex Productions, home of the “fight scene breakdown.”

Now watch the exciting epic conclusion of Analytical Story Battle as Batman puts together a team including Spider-Man, Venom, Captain America, and many others to combat the fearsome foe that is Arkham Batman.

“Arkham” Batman is a version of Batman from an alternate universe.

My voice over starts here, and begins with “You honestly thought that would work with me…”

Cuts On Kashykk…A Star Wars (Parody) Commercial

Tuesday, February 27th, 2018

Time for some fun!  Here is a commercial that I cooked up for a Star Wars podcast that I co-host called Tw’ilek Talk. I voice the galactic barber that will sell you on all of the latest hairstyles (you know, The Padme Pixie, The Maul Mullet, The Corellian Crew Cut). They also sell Wookie Cookies!